Strategic Plan: Our Vision is Limitless
Strategic Plan: Our Vision is Limitless
Havergal College
Havergal College

After more than 120 years at the forefront of women’s education, Havergal College is embarking on a journey of discovery.

Learn about the exciting discoveries our students and educators have accomplished to date. (PDF)

As we make our way toward 2020, we will help each student pursue her individual passions while exploring the frontiers of her knowledge. In our mission to prepare young women to make a difference, we will encourage curiosity and thoughtful engagement with the community. Guided by our core values—integrity, inquiry, compassion, and courage—we will embrace change, strengthen our resources and connect Havergal to the world beyond.

In doing all of this, we will ensure Havergal’s sustainability and position ourselves as global leaders. Our vision of the future is limitless—and we invite you to join us as we step forward.

the Course

A visionary path forward guided by innovation and feedback on our previous strategic plan: Culture of Capability

We asked our stakeholders to help shape our vision for 2020 and we received invaluable feedback.

Our community urged us to keep developing the self-efficacy and global capability of students, faculty, and staff. Our girls need hands-on learning, resourcefulness, and a greater connection with the community.

As our competitive landscape changes, we need leading faculty and staff, inspiring facilities, continued financial sustainability, and a higher public profile.

Throughout our efforts, we will be guided by the four core values that we seek to instill in our students: integrity, inquiry, compassion, and courage.


Fostering curiosity and broadening the Havergal education with authentic experiences

Our educational philosophy will be inspired as much by timeless principles as the tools of the modern age. Many of the ideas that guide lifelong learning, self-knowledge and wisdom are best represented by the life of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo’s seven principles for learning still resonate with us today. Insatiable curiosity, experimentation, the refinement of the senses, a willingness to embrace ambiguity, the balance between science and art, the cultivation of grace and poise, and the recognition of the interconnectedness of all things—nurturing these concepts brings more happiness than simply being clever. For the student armed with the capacity for original thinking and a true love of learning, the horizons are limitless.

With those principles in mind, we will follow three strategies for an inspiring and connected student experience:


the Sails

Embracing change, promoting well-being and providing support

We will help each student find her passion and pursue excellence. Mindful of the need for balance, we will equip each girl with the tools she needs to respond to challenges. The school will be a place of support, belonging, and engagement.

Adopting a strategy for health promotion, we will also introduce new programs that support students in all domains— physical, mental, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual. We will build understanding among students, parents, faculty and staff on how to access this support. New initiatives will focus on developing the habits of healthy active living.

A Bridge to
the Future

Strengthening our community and connecting Havergal to the world beyond

As we approach our 125th anniversary in 2019, we will continue to invest in our faculty and staff, supporting research, professional growth, and engagement in the life of the school.

We will develop environmentally sustainable facilities that inspire learning and support innovative programming.

Building upon the Institute at Havergal, we will explore off-campus learning experiences, partnerships and civic engagement.

the Way

Ensuring Havergal’s sustainability and positioning ourselves as a global leader

We will develop an integrated approach to financial sustainability, aligning future enhancements with the resources available as we cultivate a culture of philanthropy.

In our mission to attract and retain leading faculty and staff, we will foster greater involvement with action research, keeping our programming on the leading edge of education.

We will raise Havergal’s profile by developing our brand, refining our messaging, and expanding our network of advocates.

These key elements will help ensure institutional strength and sustainability—so that the school may offer future generations of Havergal students an education with limitless potential.